Monday, July 29, 2019

Vietnam and Gulf Wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Vietnam and Gulf Wars - Essay Example The decision to send U.S troop to Vietnam did not take into considerations the view of the public or the Congress. Negative impressions by the public and many political bigwigs persisted throughout the time that the U.S troops were in Vietnam. The public was up in arms at the amount of money that was used during this time of war in Vietnam. The losses were not only in monetary terms but also in the number of soldiers who perished (Rosenau 46). So many soldiers died and others were also injured. It was the first time that the United States had suffered a loss in war. The Vietnam War left an economic dent that was felt throughout the U.S. apart from that, shame and perceived weakness in military force and policies were exposed for the whole world to see (McNamara and VanDeMark 67). The eventual pull out of the force seemed like an acceptance of a mistake and defeat. The eventual effects of the Vietnam disaster were still lingering in the minds of the American public and political players. When the ‘free Kuwait† decision that ultimately led to sending of troops in the Gulf region was made, the American citizens were not very pleased. They criticized the decision. The aftermath of Vietnam had an effect on the foreign policy decisions and the reluctance of people to go through an ordeal like the previous one. The public saw it as another catalyst for an economic slowdown and massive loss of lives for an international situation that did not â€Å"scream† out for their participation. According to the public and some political players, it was not necessary to go to war at the moment leave alone going there with brimming confidence of a win. Since the US aimed at being the superior power, involvement in the war led to the breaking of relations especially after the US invaded Grenada and Panama (Murrin, et al. 844).   Countries such as the Soviet Union were silently not amused by the antics of United States. Slowly, U.S was creating a divide and even causing tensions with its long-term allies.  Ã‚  

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