Sunday, February 9, 2020

How To Survive A Plague Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How To Survive A Plague - Movie Review Example This paper is a review of the film â€Å"How to Survive a Plague†. It is majorly about a group of activists and the founders of the Act-up organization. This follows a struggle for recognition by the U.S.A government and health organizations in the provision and the development of advanced VIV/AIDS remedies. The political aspect of this documentary is the level of ignorance portrayed by President Ronald Reagan in support of the epidemic activism. In addition, Senator Jesse Helm pointed out to the victims that, â€Å"They asked for it†. Research through interviews and film demonstrations by the members of the Act-up group identified the spread of the plague to have been hastened by homosexuality and GLBT lifestyle. The politics against the Act-up activism was further reflected by the refusal of health organizations to treat AIDS patients and further refusal by the funeral homes to bury those that died of AIDS or related complications. The increasing death troll inspired the mobilization of the GLBT group in 1987 to influence the public perception about HIV/AIDS. This aimed at the arrival of a probable cure or effective preventive measures that would curb the number of deaths from the plague. The controversy within the GLBT and the intensive overview of the organization disagreements on how the campaigns should be carried out sets How to Survive a Plague a unique documentary in comparison to the other HIV/AIDS films. The differing opinions within the GLBT organization were whether the fighting meant the literal fighting while a section of the members acknowledged a campaign without undue violence.

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