Friday, August 23, 2019

Network Infrastructure Basics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Network Infrastructure Basics - Assignment Example This device allows one to place phone calls over the internet to any phone all over the globe. One fascinating thing about the VoIP is that the phone one is calling does not need to have VoIP for communication to take place. What is required is that the people being called should also be able to receive calls over the internet. In addition, interconnected VoIP services also allow one to make and receive calls to and from traditional landline numbers at no fee. Desantis (2008) notes that some VoIP services require the use of dedicated VoIP phones or computers, while others allow an individual to use landline phones to place VoIP calls through a special adapter. The other pros of the VoIP are that its usage is generally cost effective. Nevertheless, just like the threats facing internet users, new threats, scams and attacks that are unique to telephony are currently emerging and should be mitigated for effectiveness. IP or Internet protocol addresses are necessary if hosts have to communicate on networks that are IP based (Sinclair & Fong, 2002). The IP address is a set of four octets with each octet separated by a period. An example of an ID address is 172. 162. 54.12. When configuring an IP address, certain conditions should be met. The address includes both the host and network addresses. The subnet mask identifies the network portion of the address. When assigning IP addresses, each host must be assigned a unique IP address. When there are several hosts on the same network, each of them should have an IP address with the network portion being the same. The range of IP addresses that can be assigned to hosts in a network are subject to the network mask. 5. If you want to manually configure DNS server addresses, click Use the following DNS server addresses, and then type the preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server IP addresses in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server boxes. 1. To resolve an unqualified name by appending the

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