Saturday, August 10, 2019

Violence in Video Games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Violence in Video Games - Essay Example Games today are much more sophisticated. Realism, drama and storylines have been integrated so beautifully that gamers today tend to forget their surroundings when they sit in front of their play-stations of X-boxes. To bring about this reality in games to today, creators have succeeded in creating very true images and animations of the laws of physics in games. I mean, shoot someone in the head and not only does blood spray out and backwards from the place the bullet hit the head, but the head even jerks backwards with the force of the bullet. Fantastic! Still there are those who say that this realism is creating a negative impact on our children and should be banned. So in this paper, this dilemma will be proved wrong by common sense and cool logic. The nature of a game is to take you far away from the real world. It is about going somewhere where you can only be in your dreams, only this dream is in your hands. The main purpose of games has always been to finish off your rivals and get to the top. In the early stages it only used to be someone falling off a cliff or an invisible barrier because graphic technologies could not support anything greater than that. Not though realism can be shown. Gamers can really "feel" the game. So the games of today really haven't changed. If anything, they have become better for people who play them. Critics say that there is too much violence in games. Really So George Bush bombing the world without any valid reasons and news channels showing it all live on TV isn't Israelis butchering Palestinians in front of their family is soothing Movies showing the hero shooting the bad guy in the face are something to be encouraged By the logic of all those against violence in video games, all this shou ld be banned too. All news channels, movies and anything even hinting at a "negative" thought should be banned then. Even food programs should be shut down because they cook dead animals in it which could be disturbing to younger viewers. This is all a prime example of extremism. The world sees as most Muslims being extremists just because they try to protect their faith from harm and when the real definition of extremism is shouting them in the face they are twisting it towards "social issues". Toulmin's Argumentation model Now let's look at things a little more theoretically. What is coming up is my point of view explained by Toulmin's model of argument. Claim: Video games do not spread violence. They are a form of entertainment and only used as a relaxation source for children and adults of all ages. Support: video games have not changed in their basic levels. This is because you always have one basic mission. Find and kill the bad guy. Furthermore, gamers know the difference between reality and the game's fantasy. This is because they are exposed to a lot of real live violence and they see and digest actions of their family and the world of how everyone is despising those people who injure other people or any incident of loss of human life. Speculations of people thinking that a child might become un-sentimental and lose the value of human life will then not hold true if the child learns that he is not supposed to learn from the game, but rather from reality itself. Warrant: there is very small amount of evidence going against this claim. This is because there are many other factors to take into account when behavior is being

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