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Summarize Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Summarize - Essay Example This is a characteristic feature which may be found in many under developed and developing countries. The topic of infant mortality is discussed in detail with the help of statistics. The infant mortality rates are much higher in the developing and under developed countries. The young children are plagued by diseases causing early deaths. Much of the diseases can be cured but the lack of awareness and the absence of healthcare facilities lead to such problems. It is found that many children have to face deaths due to simple problems such as fever and dehydration. Many of the diseases which are the result of deaths in such areas can actually be cured. However, the absence and ignorance leads to such problems of high infant mortality rates. Due to this a severe problem comes up in such societies- over population. Due to the high infant mortality rates the parents tend to have more children expecting that from amongst them a few will survive the risks of infant mortality. However, more than enough children survive increasing the family size. Some professors and experts have pointed out that income and mortality rates were linked. A fall in incomes leads to greater mortality rates and vice versa. This is due to the simple reason that increasing income improves the standard of living. One of the main reasons for the high infant mortality rates is the problem of hunger. The people in poor countries are faced by the problems of hunger and malnutrition which results in them being prone to diseases. The daily calorie intake is said to be one-third lower for the poorest five countries when compared to the richest five countries (Easterly, 11). The poorer families already low on cash and are always taking loans from one place or the other to support their families. This results in debt bondage where the family members are in a position of debts. As a result, even the children have to go out and work in order to bring in the funds for survival. This increases the hardships on the children as they are putting in extra effort and there is little to eat. This reduces the energy and may cause malnutrition amongst the children. When there is little work available most of it is taken up by young males. The females then often resort to prostitution. This is one of the most discussed questions in many countries. Apart from prostitution females are also subject to oppression in many under developed countries. A story is related in the end telling the hardships of the poor and their sufferings. People are made to realize that today it is very difficult to leave something and move on in life. Nowadays the poor not even have the land or the resources to get back from their doomed situations. The reason for discussing these questions of mortality rates, oppression of the women, slavery and poor healthcare in economics is to point out the importance of economic growth. Much of this could be avoided by increasing GDP and GNP per capita as increasing incomes increas es the standard of living. Thus this can be a way for overcoming these issues which are being faced by many people worldwide. Summary of Chapter 2 This chapter begins with another example this time of Ghana, which was the first colony which became independent from the African colonies. Ghana had a good start because of the aid money invested into their economy by the foreigners mainly the British, Americans and Germans. The concept which is mentioned

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