Wednesday, October 30, 2019

3D ProJet 5500x firmy 3D Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

3D ProJet 5500x firmy 3D Systems - Essay Example The speed is double in terms of magnitude compared those of previous printer versions vi. The printouts have varying textures and appearances. The difference in texture and appearance is as a result of the diverse materials that are mixed to make the products. For instance, rubber and plastic materials have different textures and appearances (3D Systems Polska, 2014) i. High speed processing power. The printer produces assemblies efficiently per unit time. As a result, it can combine multi-materials high speed ensuring convenience in continuous and labour intensive industrial activities ii. Previous versions may have been splitting printing operations into different stages. However, the 5500x technology based printer incorporates several operations into one process, an aspect that further enhances efficiency iii. The printer has an attached 5 year warranty that guarantees the user of the quality of the product. Therefore, consumers are contented with the product because they can always forward accruable complains to the concerned manufacturers The printer can produce considerably large printouts by using the advanced 5500x printing technology. Compared to the products of previous printers, the 5500x assemblies are 60 percent larger. Multi-materials are produced by virtue of the multi-jet printing technology that creates quality composite materials of diverse colours and ingredients. The technology is capable of producing appliances with diverse colours and materials. Speed is also an imperative functional component of the printer’s capabilities. Stereo lithography is the basis of operation displayed by most printers. Computer Aided Design uses laser beams to create or print to produce the desired 3D assemblies. The ProJet 5500x uses the same principle of operation. However, the new 3D printing technology is of a higher processing speed when compared to other printers. Its core operating

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