Sunday, October 20, 2019

4 Medical Careers on a Major Upswing

4 Medical Careers on a Major Upswing embarking on a new career path can be nerve-wracking when you want that perfect combination–a job that both excites you and promises stability for years to come. health care jobs fit this high standard to a t. not only will you be part of a rapidly evolving care industry, but you also can rest assured that positions will continue to be in high demand. here are four health care jobs on a major upswing–the bureau of labor statistics projects about a 25% growth in these positions in the next year alone. and the best part? none of these jobs requires a college degree to get started–only a certificate from an accreditation program.1. dental assistantdental assistants work closely with patients all day and play a major role in making sure an office runs smoothly. they are often the information center for patients, explaining and prepping for procedures and maintaining medical records.2. medical assistanta medical assistant’s role vary depending on the specific o ffice, but responsibilities can cover everything from administrative work (coding, handing insurance information) to preparing patients for procedures and basic lab tests.3. administrative health specialistthis is an administrative position you might consider if you’re not as interesting in working hands-on with patients. specialists work in all corners of the industry to coordinate health care services.4. practical  nursingin contrast, licensed practical nurses (lpns) spend their days working directly with people in need. under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses, they provide medical and emotional support to patients all day.whether you’re looking to start your professional life or are on the hunt for a career change, the health care industry is filled with jobs that (no matter what happens to the economy around you) will continue to flourish.

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