Saturday, October 5, 2019

Adolescent girls and depression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Adolescent girls and depression - Essay Example A research carried out by Blyth, Simmons and Carlton-Ford on the adolescents show that the adolescence period is characterized by intense hormonal influence on the young minded teenagers coupled with a strong urge for self-identity and self-dependence among the adolescents (Blyth et al 109). This often results in the change in their behavior, likes and dislikes as well as emotional vagaries as these teenagers struggle along the long bridge of transition into adulthood. The High school age is characterized by numerous complexities as it marks a period of transition from childhood into adolescence, for the girls, this is often an issue that seeks to define and affect her perceptions and self image. These perceptions go beyond her and also affect those around her including her teenage friends, parents and other adults and require a sound understanding and proper management of one’s self. The teenage high school girl is faced with many challenges during her struggle with the adolescence stage. First is the much workload at school and academic excellence to join best college. This is always the greatest stress causing feeling in the high school adolescents and is the prime cause of heir wanting to withdraw from everyone especially those of their own families in order for them to concentrate fully in shaping their future lives. Baltes in his journal Longitudinal and cross-sectional sequences in the study of age during early adolescence, notes that, alongside all these the teen is also faced with the need to recognize and identify herself with responsibilities in the society as far as her social life is concerned. This is always accompanied with mixed reactions and emotional influences on the young girl. The aspect of moods change and mixed reaction then sets in as the teen girl is unable to fully identify herself amidst the intense struggle (Baltes 163). The need to make strong and mature decisions continuously battle with the

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