Thursday, October 17, 2019

Friendships Through Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Friendships Through Networking - Essay Example He is also satirical in his explanation, he supports the social network is good for reconnecting with old friends, which to I also supports this opinion. He also openly admits by the fact that he is Facebook member and he is hooked up in it. He comes out openly and true to himself, yet he is careful not to be termed as a loser in the end. Social networks have messaging functions, which is a good tool if the email had not been discovered. Even though, these sites are not merely for connecting and reconnecting, the act as means of re-branding. The old people are worried in the point that there could be no more privacy in this case. But, yet they should not be sharing things that they do not want other people to know. This is because we are allowing other people to write whatever they want in our walls. If we don’t like we can always erase. Stein refers the privacy in real life something being very hard; he further says that such privacy in life would have had the bathrooms in Mi nnesota airport empty. Other people term the social network a way of rebranding ourselves. This is because we misuse the network and at times, we are so addicted in it than anything else is. We are sometimes too blunt and think that our friends will check out whatever we post immediately (Levene 240). In some instances, through research I notice some views from other sources that teenagers who use Facebook more frequently have developed narcissistic behaviors, while young kids show some sign of psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive kind of tendencies. Frequent use of media and the technologies has had a negative impact on health of all children whose age is below 10 and those between ten and twenty. This makes them more likely be prone to anxiety, depression and to some extend psychological disorders. The extent would even put them at risk of developing future health problems. For those who are just working, if they use more of their time on t he social network, they would really concentrate on their work. They would frequently be use most of their work time chatting with friends. The use of social networks like Facebook would also distract learning and negatively affect the student’s time. Studies have shown that primary school, secondary school and college students who checked Facebook once during the 20-minute study time achieved a lower marks and lower grades in the end. In his book, Stein gives some examples of benefits of using social network as a tool of connecting and getting in touch with old friends. He has chosen to visit the opposite in brief; he had to show without being biased as a writer. In my own research and the study carried out, we notice that there are also benefits of the social networking. The fact that communicating and the need to travel has been made easy, there are also some huge benefits. The youths who spent some time on Facebook have shown some kind of empathy of their online friends w hom they have never met. The Facebook has helped some youths to socialize in all aspects. This can of media is also applicable for those who have large screen computers to those who have a small screen phones. The features are the same and most people can access online friends. Social networking has compelled teaching in some certain ways. The students engage themselves in the network and learn. In some certain cases, parents may feel unsecure about

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