Monday, October 7, 2019

Impact of organization culture on employee performance Essay

Impact of organization culture on employee performance - Essay Example So organizations working in these two countries are entirely different as far as culture and working environment are concerned. Organizational culture is not a static phenomenon. It is a dynamic phenomenon which undergoes periodic changes because of the advancements in science and technologies and subsequent changes in organizational principles. For example, the introduction of computers, internet and globalization have brought tremendous changes in the functioning of organizations. Majority of the corporate companies are currently operating internationally because of globalization. Outsourcing and offshoring are some of the new business terms brought in to this world by globalization. Instant and enhanced communication were introduced in the organizational world with the help of computers and internet. All these developments caused huge changes in organizational culture. Employee performance is directly connected with organizational culture. All organizations like to derive maximum output from an employee; however, few organizations provide the necessary organizational culture for the employees to perform well. Management styles in different countries and different organizations are entirely different and hence employees in different organizations may perform differently. ... This paper analyses the impact of organizational culture upon employee performances. Right frame of mind is necessary for an employee to maximize his performance. Organizational culture is responsible for cultivating the right frame of mind among employees. An organization which care more on productivity of employees and cares less on dispersing necessary remuneration and benefits to the employees may not cultivate the right frame of mind among the employees. On the other hand, an organization which respects and recognize employee performance may cultivate positive frame of mind among employees. No employee would like to work under autocratic managers. On the other hand, all employees like to work under democratic managers. This is because of the fact that only democratic managers are capable of delivering the needs of the employees whereas autocratic managers will always be interested in safeguarding the interests of the organization. For the better functioning of an organization, t he organization’s needs as well as the employee’s needs should be considered. Only an autocratic manager would be able to do this. Musacco Ph.D (2009) has pointed out that â€Å"harassment, mobbing, bullying, and emotional abuses are common at the workplaces which resulted in increased fear and minimal trust between workers† (p.2). Organizational environment plays a vital role in controlling employee performances. It should be noted that current organizations are forced to keep a diverse workforce because of globalization and internationalization of business. Majority of the modern organization are operating cross culturally and their workforce is extremely diverse. For example, Coca Cola and Pepsi

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