Sunday, September 8, 2019

Company Promotion Policies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Company Promotion Policies - Research Paper Example On the other hand, Alex the person who got promoted is an Anglo with a graduate degree but he has less experience with the company as well as in the position. However, he has left a positive impact on his evaluators and he is considered to be â€Å"up and comer.† Maria claims being discriminated because of her ethnic background as well as being the only woman in the department. She has concerns that her evaluations have been biased because all her supervisors are White males apart from the fact that her supervisor told her that she was not being promoted because of her accent and the clients would have problems in understanding her accent. Maria claims that the company is discriminating and is being unfair. If we look at the argument from the company’s perspective, they believe that Maria is a good employee; however, she is loud and aggressive at time in her contact with co-workers and supervisors. Moreover, she has had punctuality issues twice in the past and she gives family problems as the causes. She says that her family needed her help and support and it was her duty to do so. With regard to the accent, it was also cleared out that it was not the company was discriminating her accent, although it was a major consideration. However, it was pointed out that Maria speaks very rapidly and because of her accent, it becomes impossible to understand anything she said. The company says that communication is a very important part of that job description and hence, it cannot be overlooked. We need to first understand discrimination before we can provide any ruling regarding the company’s promotion policy. We can define discrimination as the bias in treatment that exists towards a certain race, color, sex, nationality. Another explanation of discrimination can be the improper treatment based on unjustified factors. Racial discrimination occurs when a member of one racial group is treated favorably as compared to the member of another

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