Wednesday, September 11, 2019

In all seriousness, what do you think is going to happen with regard Essay

In all seriousness, what do you think is going to happen with regard to global warming and climate change Are we going to make it if so or not, why - Essay Example Global warming/climate change is a human caused problem and the solution also will be provided by humans themselves. We as humans are causing changes to the Earth’s ecosystem and getting affected in return. Therefore, in order to make it through, in order to survive, we should agree to this effort for the conservation of life on Earth. Because if we’re not going to do to anything to prevent global warming/climate change, the countries will become hotter, sea level will rise, there will be an increase in rains and storms and the weather will go to its extreme. We can help reduce the global warming by using the energy sensibly. As everyone knows Global warming is a serious issue and everybody should come together to fight against global warming. These weather extremes affect those the most who are poor, old, very young or sick as they don’t have the capability to deal with the climate changes. But in a broader aspect the climate change/global warming is affecting humans. If we can cause a problem, we can surely solve the problem too. Climate change is a global issue. Dealing with it is a collective responsibility. Yet it is obvious that the world’s poorest countries will be the most affected by it. And failure to reduce global warming will cause a dangerous environment for millions of people. As many poor people already live in a deprived environment where food, clean water and shelter are inadequate– climate change will worsen their condition. As it is obvious that extreme weathers are the impact of global Warming, it will lead us to a state where hot days will become hotter, the rainfalls will become heavier, the flooding will become more frequent, the hurricanes more brutal, the draughts more acute. So as to get through this, all the awareness campaigns and efforts by environmental conservation organizations will not go in vein. They are playing their part and we should play ours by cooperating

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