Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 42

Leadership - Essay Example This kind of leader does not involve the employees in decision making and rather decisions are made at the top and followed by the employees. McGregor categorized second kind of leaders as leaders who follow theory Y. These leaders are those who believe that employees are interested in working. These leaders empower their employees and provide them with the responsibility as well as the authority to make decisions and implement them in order to complete tasks (Jewell et al., 1994). Unlike leaders who follow Theory X, these leaders do not believe in excessive supervisor of the followers and believe that followers should have the freedom to work on their own. Due to empowerment as well as lower level of supervision, followers feel motivated to work on their own and they solve problems as well as perform tasks in a creative manner. The leadership style that James Cain of Water Brands Group follows is open-minded leadership style. This leadership style is based on McGregor’s leadership theory called theory Y. McGregor proposed that, leaders who follow theory Y leadership tend to empower employees. Similarly, Cain who follows an open-minded leadership style provides empowerment to his followers and employees (Pandit, 2005). He does not believe in making decisions on his own. Instead Cain involves his employees in the decision making process by carefully listening to them and then involving their ideas in the making decisions and solving problems faced by the organization. Theory Y states that employees are naturally interested in working and are ready to take responsibility. Cain is following theory Y because he believes that the people working for him and his followers are the assets of his organizations. This means that he has immense trust in the followers and is quite confident about their knowledge, skills and abilities. Due to this

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