Friday, September 27, 2019

Islam, how this was introduced to the United States Essay

Islam, how this was introduced to the United States - Essay Example Islam is a religion which believes only in the existence of one God. Islam was said to have started way back from the time of Columbus. Muslim slaves were brought to the continent of United States to work. Waves of immigrants soon travelled to United States. These immigrants were mostly from the Lebanon, Palestine and Pakistan countries. During the early 1950s, there was an invasion of Muslim professionals who settled in the country after completing their studies. Muslim communities started to be formed and mosques were built. There were scholars and missionaries who came from Middle East. During this time, Islam began to gain support among the Americans. During this period, there was formation of national Islamic groups. Those Muslims who were not practitioners started to get back to their roots and realized the importance of their faith. Today, Mosques, Islamic centers, and school can be located in every community. The Muslims are now speaking up for their faith openly and making s ignificant contributions to values and morals. At present, Islam is said to be the fastest growing faith in the country. The simplicity of Islam and its appeal both to reason and to the heart accounts for its tremendous appeal (A Brief History of Islam in the United States, n.d.). The religion focuses with teachings about God, human responsibility and the life hereafter (A Brief History of Islam in the United States, n.d.). ... other religion, it honors the previous great prophets such as Jesus, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and many others, and also reiterates the belief of ascribing divinity to the Creator alone (A Brief History of Islam in the United States, n.d.). The Basic Practices of Islam Muslims all over the world follow five pillars for guidance in shaping their religious practice (Rood, 1994). Aside from the laws and traditions, these pillars are very important for Islam. Rick Rood (2004) enumerated the five pillars of Islam religion: First, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is his prophet." These creed should be recited in the presence of two witnesses to constitute oneself as a Muslim. Second, the regular practice of prayers. Sunni Muslims pray five times a day while Shi’ites Muslims pray three times a day. Third, almsgiving. Their religion requires 2.5% of one’s income to be given to the less fortunate or to the spread of Islam. Fourth, is the fasting during the month of Ram adan. Muslims are required to give up all food and liquid intake during daylight hours. Fifth, the Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca. If possible, Muslims are to make a pilgrimage to Mecca once during his life. Sometimes, a sixth pillar is added (Rood, 1994). This is the Jihad is sometimes called the â€Å"holy war† which means the â€Å"exertion† or â€Å"struggle† in behalf of God. Islam teaches that if a Muslim dies in a holy war, he is rewarded of heaven or the paradise of God. The Effects of Islam in the United States There is a wide spread of Islam in the United States. There are immigrants, workers, professionals such as doctors. The Muslims are making their own contribution to America. The community is united by their faith in Allah. As of today, these American Muslims contributed not only to Islamic

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