Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Influence of Global Warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Influence of Global Warming - Essay Example Influence of Global Warming An increase in the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere can been attributed to human pollutants which are seriously changing the earth’s climate on a large scale. The warming of the earth is a result of industrialization where factories are excessively emitting greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and many others. The millions of cars are also responsible for the emissions of these greenhouse gasses. The greenhouse gasses are responsible for making a layer which insulates the atmosphere and this traps excessive heat from the sun which prevents it from being reradiated back into the space. This results in the generation of more warmth which is commonly referred to as global warming. Global warming in itself is not very wrong but the major cause for concern is the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted which is excessive and has resulted in some of the coldest parts of the earth getting hot to the extent that glaciers are beginning to melt. This causes the levels of the sea to r ise since the quantity of water will be increased which can lead to the displacement of people from their homes. It can be noted that the aspect of global warming is topical issue that has influenced debate across the whole globe. Basically, global warming is the excessive heating of the atmosphere as a result greenhouse gas emissions which will trap excess outward bound heat from radiating into space.

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